Feature - Spearheads From Space?
Brief Encounter - Cambridge Previsited (Karen Dunn)
Monster File - The Ice Warriors, The Zygons, The Axons, The Sontarans
Feature - Anatomy of a Yeti
Comic Strip - Metamorphosis (Part One)
Brief Encounter - Dream a Little Dream For Me (Nigel Robinson)
Collector's Corner - The Silly Season
Brief Encounter - Country of the Blind (Paul Cornell)
Feature - Daggers of the Mind
Brief Encounter - Farewells (Terrance Dicks)
Feature - Anatomy of a Dalek/Future Dalek Design?
Feature - Making (New) Myths
Feature - The Sonic Screwdriver
Brief Encounter - Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat (Marc Platt)
Feature - Terrible Tunes
Comic Strip - Metamorphosis (Part Two)
Feature - Dressing Up
Brief Encounter - A Tourist Invasion (Colin Baker)
Monster File - The Draconians, The Silurians and the Sea Devils, The Ogrons and the Daem