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IT'S BACK! AND ABOUT....well DWM really...

Welcome back to my humble DWM website (Tom! Tom! any chance of a plug in DWM?), if you've been here before then welcome back. I hope you like the redesign and that you'll find the odd treasure here and there that you didn't see before.

If you are a new visitor then a thousand welcomes, and I hope you enjoy perusing the 30+ years of DWM contained in this site. Feel free to wander around, take in the sights and if you are a recent Doctor Who convert, I hope that you'll learn lots about everyone's favourite show and the excellent magazine that covers it each month.

One final note; this site will be coming on-line slowly, so not all the menu links above work yet. I will endeavour to get everything working as soon as I can, but work tends to intrude quite a lot.

28/11/2011 - Issues 397-441 updated...Pages for 1979 and 1980 DWMs redesigned...more soon...

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